Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Osteria Mozza

Andrew. Pam, and Hannah
Last Saturday, for Andrew's Mom's birthday we took her to Osteria Mozza, co-owned by no other than the Iron Chef himself, Mario Batali. Known for his Italian cuisine and combined with Nancy Silverton and Joe Bastianich they have created a dining experience to dream about. We made our reservations 3 weeks prior, yes you need to make them pretty far in advance, but no worries this gave me plenty of time to plan (A.K.A. dream about) my meal.

So that is what I did.  I reviewed the menu, read the reviews, and browsed the hundred of yelp photos over the next 3 weeks.  I planned out what I would order from the Mozzerella bar, primi, secondi, and of course the dolci. I also decided others that looked delicious, if we couldn't decide what to order. I know, I am a control freak. I don't think I am always this way, just when it comes to my food.

So finally the our reservation arrived, we sat at the table and we ordered. Now the experience began, and I tried every single edible item that was placed on our table.

Burrata with Bacon

Mozzerella Bar favorite: Burrata with bacon. Of course it is good it has bacon, but that is just the beginning. It was a small crostini with bacon, burrata mozzerella, and caramelized shallots, but what made it such a great bite, was the vinegar marinated escarole.

Primi favorite: We only ordered one, Orecchiette, it was good, nothing to write about. But I know next time, if there is a next time, I will be ordering the Raviolo, Calf's Brain Ravioli, or Squid Ink Chitarra Fredi I think those are more adventurous and could really excite my taste buds.

Secondi favorite: I love short ribs, and I have this thing where I have to order them. So that is what I did, but that wasn't my favorite of the night. My favorite was the Grilled Quail wrapped in pancetta. Perfectly tender with the salty sweetness of the pancetta. Ok, maybe I do like bacon...

Rosemary Olive Oil Cakes

Dolci (THE FAVORITE): Rosemary Olive Oil Cakes with Olive Oil Gelato and Rosemary brittle. This is a combination of salty, sweet, warm, cold, lemon, and rosemary, the only problem, I had to share with three other people. This is something I want to try to create at home. Once I figure out the recipe I will definitely be sharing it with you!


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