Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Obsessed...

Within walking distance of my house is a local coffee shop, The Daily Grind. They have a whole wall of different coffees, but the one that keeps me coming back over and over, the Cinnamon Bun coffee. It is a Colombian roast with a touch of cinnamon, and every time I take a sip I smell the sweet aroma of fresh baked Cinnamon Buns.  It doesn't require any sugar or cream, I like mine with a splash of Non-Fat Milk.  I think it is like breakfast in a coffee, I'm obsessed.

NOTE: They are cash only, so any time I have a few bucks in my wallet, I am sure to spend it on a Cinnamon Bun Coffee!  Today, I had to add up all my spare change to find enough to purchase this sweet morning treat.

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