Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cupcakes & Champagne

So I am a wine club member at local beer and wine tasting room, Corks n' Crowns to be exact.  I know being part of a wine club sounds a little fancy, but for me it is to learn about wine and discover what I like.  My early experiences with wine included massive quantities of "Two Buck Chuck", boxed wine, and decanters of Carlo Rossi, which may have destroyed my palate more than anything.

Being a wine member at Corks (this is and how I will reference Corks n' Crowns from now on) gives me chance to try all types of wine from all over the world and really develop an appreciation of all types of wine and find my favorites.  In addition to the wine, it is just a really fun place to go.  I would highly recommend anyone in the Santa Barbara area to join, I have actually convince a few of my friends already.  All memberships include free tasting for you and a few friends every day you come in; who wouldn't love that!
My friend Bailey

A few months back Corks added Cupcakes and Champagne every Sunday to their weekly line up of events.  Our first visit was a blast, and if you asked me I would go every week.  The cupcakes are delivered to Corks, by Sugarcat Studios each Sunday morning.  I must say, the cupcakes were delicious, but do require an adventurous palate. 

The cupcakes included a Sharp Cheddar Cupcake with Honey Blue Cheese Frosting, Vanilla Almond Cupcake with Almond Buttercream and Granola Topping, and Egg Nog Cheesecake Cupcake with Brandy Cream Cheese Frosting.  They were all amazing, but the one I would love to have again is surprisingly the Sharp Cheddar Cupcake!  Ali Reide of Sugarcat Studios actually won Cupcake Wars with this treat the week before, and I totally know why.  It was so unique and tasty, anything that combines the sweetness of dessert and cheese always makes me happy.

Oh yea, the Champagne, it was good and who doesn't want to enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning sipping a glass of Champagne, or maybe three?

Check out some more wine tasting!

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