Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chimi, chimi, changa!

Have you ever had that one taste of something and ever since then you have been chasing that same feeling of deliciousness you first had?

Well I have, and mine started one evening at dinner with Andrew. Andrew is an accountant and during busy season we cherish what ever time we can get together. Last year in February he asked me to join him for dinner at the little Mexican restaurant next to his office, La Playa Azul Cafe. I actually have no idea what I ordered, obviously it wasn't memorable probably something healthy and tasteless, but Andrew ordered a Chimichanga and oh boy I have been thinking about it ever since. He offered me a bite, I hesitated, but said yes and the moment the crispy flaky flour tortilla encasing the perfect combination of cheese, shredded chicken, rice, re-fried beans, sour cream, and guacamole hit my mouth, as Judy Joo would say on Next Iron Chef, I had a food-gasm. Yes I know this isn't anything fancy like what they have on Next Iron Chef, but this hit the spot and I haven't forgot it.

Since this day I have been in a personal battle with myself every time I go to a Mexican restaurant. Do I get the Chimichanga or go healthy? Healthy always wins, except for today.

Today, I woke up in downtown Long Beach after visiting a friend for the night. Right across the street was SuperMex. The moment I knew we were going to Mexican I made a mental decision, I want that chimichanga. About an hour later I sat there at the bar with the Laker game on, 3 friends and the holy grail of fried burritos in front of me. This was no La Playa Azul chimichanga, but it hit the spot. My craving has been satisfied. Period.

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