Sunday, February 26, 2012

Homebrewed by Andrew - Mystery IPA

On the way home from Santa Monica, we stopped at the closest brew supply shop to us in Santa Barbara.  Surf Brewery is a Brewery, Tasting Room, and Home-brew shop that is about 40 minutes down the coast in Ventura, CA. We were only there to pick up some supplies, but next time I would love to do a tasting or just hang out.

In the shop we met one of the employees who is also a Home-brewer who suggested an IPA to us.  Andrew asked him to put together a kit and give him the recipe.  So, he measured out the grains, picked out a few varieties of hops, selected the dry malt, and wrote down the steps.  The reason I call it the Mystery IPA is because we have no idea what it is. 

Once we arrived home Andrew was very excited to start his next brew.

Brewing the hops, grains, and malt

Shaking the bucket & mixing it all up. 

Measuring the alcohol content. 

The Fermenting Stages: This is where the beer sits and waits while it ferments. 

Now we must wait 3 weeks, but you can watch it bubble with us! 

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