Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh Hello, Alumni Weekend!

So most of my readers are probably very familiar with Isla Vista, CA, but for those who aren't I will tell you. Isla Vista is a one square mile town next to the University of California, Santa Barbara campus normally filled with bikinis, board shorts, bikes, and a whole lot of booze, and frankly I feel very old going back ever since I graduated. There is one weekend a year when I know I won't feel old and am not the oldest person in town, UCSB Alumni Weekend.

This year was going to be low key for me I have been suffering from a cold, but I was not going to miss out on my college favorite treats!

College was the good ole days, where nothing could get us down and we were carefree. The benefit of this was we would try just about anything and we discovered some of the best of Isla Vista.

Reliving our college days we stopped by both my old house and Andrew's house. I found my balcony missing about 8 feet of it taken away as the cliff below started to erode, don't worry the view is still just as beautiful as ever. Andrew's old house was swarmed by a bunch of people wearing the same shirt and definitely not carrying on the legacy of that epic house.

Next, on to beer and food! No place other than Gio's is the right place for both. Gio's is known for their thin crust pizza by the slice and RANCH! Seriously the BEST RANCH!  And if you are looking for entertainment or a competition, you are sure to find it here.  Out on the benches on the porch were teams lined up, cheering their beer cups to match up opponents, the Flip Cup race begins.  As the teams drink and flip, it comes down to the last members of each team, who can flip it faster, but at the end the whole table breaks out in chant,

"Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Gaucho, Gaucho, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Gaucho, Gaucho..."  

Ahh yes, welcome back, this is what I like to hear as I enjoy my Margarita with Pepperoni Slice and side of RANCH.  Andrew and Austin, did you learn a lesson this weekend? Don't steal my ranch.

Sam's To-Go

The local sandwich shop, which is known more for its pitchers than its sandwiches.  The prime location in the center of Pardall attracts Alumni who are interested in cheap beer and people watching, but today I think they are the people to watch.


Next stop Dublin's for cocktails... 

IV Drip

One of the most simplest/tastiest/best desserts in IV. I had peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups in between a chocolate cookie with recess and peanut butter cookie.  Honestly the best combination! I think this contributed to 90% of my freshman fifteen. You couldn't pass it up when it was only 75 cents! Now it is $2.50, but still worth every penny.    


Oh yes, the home of the quesa-nacho-rito!  You ask what that is, think quesadilla, nachos, and burrito, yes all in one tortilla.  Honestly, I am horrible at making my own burrito, my health angel comes over me as I walk down the isle, so I asked Andrew to make one for us to share.  First cheese is melted like a quesadilla, then it is opened up for the burrito toppings: refried beans, chicken, steak, rice, medium salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. Finally before it is rolled up, crushed chips are crumbled in the middle for an extra crunch.  Wow!!! This burrito is serious stuff, seriously AMAZING! 

WARNING: Those other Freeb!rds that are popping up around towns are nothing like the real thing. 

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