Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chicago: Late Night

Who doesn't love champagne toasts and late night treats?

Friday night we headed out to Paris Club, for some celebratory champagne, umm yes for my birthday back in January! Thanks Christi.

When we were on our way home from the Paris Club, the taxi dropped us off right in front of La Bamba with Burrito as Big as Your Head, is advertised in neon letters.  We all though this was very intriguing, even more intriguing when you are inebriated! Yes, I ate a burrito as big as my head, but did I finish it, I don't remember, I hope not!

Saturday night we were once again looking for some after dinner excitement.  Bailey and I headed over to Barrelhouse Flat, which is right down the road from Christi's for some beer and popcorn.  I ordered a 5am Saint, which was a very good choice, pretty proud of myself because I didn't recognize most of the beers on the menu.  The waiter at iNG told us they have amazing popcorn and it wouldn't be right if we didn't try it.  And we actually requested a sampler of all 3 flavors! BBQ Duck (I think), Spinach & Mushroom, and Sea Salt & Olive Oil.  My favorite was the Sea Salt & Olive Oil, don't hate me but I would prefer movie theater popcorn! While we were hanging out at the bar all of our iNG & Moto friends came to celebrate one of the cooks birthdays, and we were invited to the VIP lounge (aka: upstairs).

Night Night

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