Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Modern, but what was I thinking!

Andrew and I recently traveled down to the Orange County area to see some friends and visit his family. Sunday before heading home we went to a restaurant, Stacked, with a new modern way to do service, the iPad waiter.

So the whole concept was derived around the idea, that the customer can order what they want, how they want it, and when they want it all from the touch of an iPad. The iPad drove the process, but there were still kind concierges greeting us, checking in, and delivering food so it wasn't all computers.

We started out, browsing the menu on the iPad and the visual image of each dish made it a hard decision everything looked so good. First we ordered drinks and then SENT TO KITCHEN by a simple button. Next we each selected and customized our dishes by passing around the iPad and selecting all the options, SENT TO KITCHEN.

So you are probably thinking what a cool new experience, but I decided to take this new experience to the next level and order the Turkey, Cranberry, and Brie pizza. Did you just puke in your mouth, I didn't I thought wow, it must work they have it in their menu. Never again will I make that assumption, it was really bad, like really BAD. Sorry, this is really my fault, what was I thinking!  Not only were the toppings funky, there was a strange taste in the pizza dough.

So I cleansed my pallet with a slice of pepperoni pizza (something normal, but still had a strange taste in the dough) and an ice cream cookie sandwich... Yes the pictures and the idea of creating my own special sandwich totally got me! Here it is, creamy vanilla ice cream between a peanut butter cookie and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie.  Now this was delicious, pretty hard to mess up.

While I love the idea of the techy and modern concept... I think Stacked needs to work on their food and I need to work on my ordering!

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