Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chicago: Classics

Not only is Chicago known for adventurous foodie cuisine, it is also known for it's classics! The Chicago dog and deep dish pizza. At the end of the weekend full of food, we realized we had not have a chance to try out the Chicago classics.

Monday, I spent some time with a co-worker who met me in the city and we went to go visit a few sites for work.  I initially offered to take him out to lunch, but he insisted because he was Chicagoian, he take me out.  I knew that called for some Chicago classics.

At one of our sites, there were some outside tables and yellow umbrellas, he knew right away, they would have Chicago Dogs, and he was right on target.  He thought this might be too simple for me, but little did he know after a weekend of bone marrow, pigs ear, and gastronomy, I was down for something simple.  The Chicago Dog had all of the best toppings, ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, onions, and relish.  These ones were missing the 2 jalapenos he was used to, but it was still just what I wanted.  I couldn't leave Chicago without trying one.

After he dropped me off, I took the "L" back to Christi's to pick up Bailey and my luggage.  While riding I came up with the perfect plan.  Pick up Lou Malnati's Pizzeria, on the way to the airport because it was right on the corner of Christi's street.  Unfortunately, they were closed!

But, because I am the best girlfriend in the world (most of the time), I sent 2 Lou Malnati deep dish pizzas to Andrew to enjoy over the weekend and pretend he was in Chicago too.  When I came home he only ate one of the pizzas, and saved the second to share with me (how sweet!).

Not sure how this compares to the ones at the restaurant, but it was different, good, but different.  I guess I am a NY pizza person.  Sorry, Lou! This pizza, was like a pie, a true pizza pie! The crust was very similar to pie crust and all the fillings were in layers within the pie.  First the cheese, then the sausage, then the sauce, and topped with a little bit of parmigiana cheese.

My trip to Chicago wouldn't have been complete without trying Chicago style pizza, but I know where I am going next, New York! New York Pizza anyone?

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