Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chicago: Brunch

So brunch is big in Chicago and even bigger when the weather is warm.  Well guess what? It was beautiful and warm most of the time we were in the city and we definitely took advantage of brunch!

Friday, we took the Red Line into Chicago and ended up at Yolk.  Yolk is know for their famous red velvet french toast, with cream cheese swirled into the bread itself... Yikes! YUM!!!! We ordered this as our Brunch Appetizer to share for the table.  Great decision Christi! Then we had our savory dish as our meal, I had their Chipotle Chorizo Eggs Benedict.  I wasn't so hot on this one, the chipotle sauce was missing, the eggs were uneven, and the chorizo was dry.  And, most embarrassing moment, the waiter asked if I liked it and I was honest, he told the manager, and she came over and asked me why I didn't like it, I told her.  They took care of me, but I rather none of that happened and I just paid for it. I was about 50 Shades of Red! (Yes, I am reading 50 Shades of Gray.)

On Saturday we took the Red Line to Andersonville where we ate at the Bongo Room. It was a pretty long walk from the train station but we built up an appetite.  It was a very modern/cute place on the main street in Andersonville.  As we walked back to our table, I had a chance to look at what everyone else ordered.  I noticed the Croissant sandwiches were a popular choice.  So obviously that is what I ordered, but I gave it my own twist, "Vegetarian Croissant Sandwich with Bacon please?" Vegetarians must be embarrassed by me, but I wanted all the veggies and bacon too, is that such a crime? No, because it was my favorite Brunch of the Weekend! It was a grilled croissant with melted muenster cheese, spinach, tomato slices, sauteed mushrooms, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts & scallions topped with a over medium egg, and basil mayo, and don't forget the bacon served with house potatoes! I think I need this every Saturday morning, I have to find a place in Santa Barbara which has something similar.

My friend Christi has a sweet tooth in the morning, she ordered the the pretzel pancakes with white chocolate caramel topping from the Bongo Room! They were soooo good, but honestly, devouring the it all by yourself could definitely cause a sugar high.  

On Sunday, we took a nice little walk a few blocks from Christi's house in Lincoln Park to Bourgeois Pig Cafe.  We enjoyed a nice latte and breakfast bowl in the sun on their patio.

BTW: Did you notice my use of public transportation?  I became a pro, and I can totally be a city girl... Andrew, let's move to CHICAGO!

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