Friday, March 16, 2012

Vacation time!

Ok, so with life being really busy and getting the flu/food poisoning, I haven't really been in the mood to eat food or blog about food. Not sure where it came from, but all I care about is it is out of my system, I am feeling great, I am on vacation, and ready to eat!

This weekend will be spent with my family in northern California. We aren't too sure where the weekend will take us, but I do know we will have a great time, delicious food, and lots of laughs.

I started my vacation by heading down to Los Angeles last night to stay with my friends Austin and Samantha (you can check Samantha out here, she is awesome). We chatted and watched American Idol while enjoying 2 bottles of wine. I think this is what grown ups call fun these days, well at least on a week

Sam and I were looking forward to a hard workout at Sweat Pilates, then a nice little breakfast, and then to the airport. Our morning started out right, we left on time, until the rain in California freaked all the drivers out and they decided to create a traffic jam which made us late for Pilates. We didn't want to be those girls walking into class 10 mins late so we decided to move on to breakfast. With Yelp to the rescue we found FOOD on Pico Ave.

As always we can never pick between a few items on the menu, I wanted the buckwheat buttermilk pancakes on the specials menu, but I also wanted the breakfast FOOD sandwich. We came up with the best idea get both and share. Perfect I would say!

The sandwich was delicious, you really can't go wrong with an over medium egg, bacon, and cheese all in an English muffin plus it came with marinara potatoes with a special aoili sauce. The pancakes were topped with berries and bananas, which obviously made them good for you (just kidding) and were puffy little cakes topped with syrup. My stomach and taste buds were very satisfied.

Then off to LAX to catch my flight to my hometown Sacramento. I used to dread returning home, but I have learned Sacramento actually has a lot to offer and quite a good selection of restaurants. More to come from my vacation!


P.S. How cool is this you can do your grocery too!?!? Well if you are looking for dairy, lemons, wine and chips!

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