Friday, March 16, 2012

TIP: Dirty Microwave? Easy cleaning!

About 6 months ago Pinterest introduced me A Real-Life Housewife. A blog that shares tips and tales from the daily activities as a housewife, I first was intrigued by her tip how to clean your shower head (find it here). It worked like a charm.

On Tuesday she published Microwave Cleaning Made Easy. My microwave was something that drove me crazy and I tried wiping it down with a sponge, but the grease just smeared and made the situation worse. My solution became keep the Microwave closed at all times. Well that is until now. Anxious to try this out I had some extra time Thursday evening, so project clean microwave was about to go down. I followed her directions, and it was barely a project at all. Honestly the most time consuming part I spent sitting on the couch waiting while the microwave ran and rested.

This is going to become part of one of my weekly chores, another thing I picked up from the real life housewife!

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  1. Thank you so much Sarah! This totally made my day :) Glad I could help!


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