Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Academy of Science (and gourmet dining)!

Girls weekend took us to San Francisco! Our first stop, The California Academy of Science! Before we could start exploring we needed to stop in the cafe for some lunch. This cafeteria style cafe had a lot to offer. Asian fusion, soups, sandwiches, taco bar, and slow cooked all were available, but the soup and salad combo was my choice for today.

The soup was a rich butternut squash soup with a hint of heat and curry combined with a Gruyere grilled cheese. When the sandwich was dipped into the soup I felt the satisfaction of the warm soup and the crunchy cheesiness of the sandwich. As I consumed my meal, I sipped on a blood orange mimosa. If you don't already know, blood oranges are in season right now and I highly recommend mixing up the standard mimosa with some deep red color and extra flavor.

After we ate, we wondered around exploring the rooftop garden, planetarium, aquarium, and rain forest. This is a great place for all ages. Who isn't inspired by science?

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