Friday, March 23, 2012

Vegan Moments...

The last few days, not trying to, I started to eat like a Vegan! Please don't be confused, I will never be a full time Vegan, but I don't mind exploring!

Monday morning before I left Sacramento, my mom and I had breakfast at Orphan Breakfast House.  This place was busy for a weekday, but I understand why, it was fabulous! So you are probably looking a the pictures of our food below and saying that isn't Vegan, well you are right, not everything.  But my Omelet had soy chorizo, which I would call a Vegan food.  While enjoying my somewhat vegan omelet, I sipped on Coffee Con Panna, a fancy name for coffee with whipped cream.  I am a huge whipped cream fan, and this was just delicious! My mom ordered the G. F. Y. (Granola Fruit Yogurt), which was very good, and it was beautiful.  She also had the Banana-Blackberry Smoothie, and she would highly recommend it. 

Next vegan moment, this time it really was vegan! To thank my friend Austin for picking me up at the airport, I treated him to dinner at Native in Culver City.  I was very overwhelmed by all the options on the menu, I decided to go with the Nuevo Native Nachos.  This colorful plate included everything you would want on Nachos (the non-vegan ones), but this time it was meat free.  I loved all the fresh fresh ingredients, but the most interesting part of these was the cheese.  Native cheese is made from nuts blended up into a creamy mixture which topped a chip full of beans, salsa, Native meat, great!

(But I slight missed my melted, greasy cheese, have you ever been to Freeb!rds in Isla Vista?)

Last, on Tuesday night I met my girl friend Danielle at Adama in downtown Santa Barbara.  We are both new at the whole vegan thing, so we asked for suggestions.  My friend Mark, who's mother owns Adama suggested the Panang Curry and the bartender recommended the Vegan "KFC."  We had to also order the Buffalo "Hots!" We both love wings, so we had to test out the vegan version.

The "Hots" were delicious and spicy, and the ranch was AMAZING!  I am very picky about my ranch and this stuff was good!  The KFC, was crispy and tender and I feel like it is really hard to tell the difference from a real chicken nugget and a "vegan" chicken, I think the vegan may be better.  The Panang Curry, was great, it was probably the most obvious vegan dish of the night, veggies and tofu, but tasty.  Finally, I saved the best for last.... DRUM ROLLLLLLL...

THE CARROT CAKE!  Please someone buy this cake for me, maybe for my birthday, your birthday, or hey, Easter is coming up.  This cake is delicious and you won't miss a thing because it is vegan. I don't even think you will know it is vegan, you will just know you are eating one of the best slices of carrot cake!   

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