Saturday, March 10, 2012

Renaud's 2nd time around!

Last weekend while we were at Renaud's for brunch one of the regulars mentioned the almond croissants were to die for, we tried to order them, but it was already after noon and they had sold out. Not willing to give up experiencing the almond croissants, my friend Jenisse and I returned early this Sunday.

As we waited in line I worried that I would once again miss out in the croissants, but there were 2 left and we were taking both! Which was a very good decision. To accompany our croissants we also ordered lattes and fruit cups (to make up for the guilt of the buttery croissants).

The croissants were served right away, so excited to try this treat I couldn't wait to sit down. We sat at a table on their patio and the deliciousness was about to begin. It was a regular butter croissant, topped with almond icing and chopped almonds and inside was an almond glaze. Oh yes, I ate it all and every crumb on my plate.

This is definitely a Santa Barbara gem!

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