Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why hello NOR-CAL!

At the beginning of July (sorry, so late), I took the 6 hour road trip north to Sacramento to visit my family!  My grandparents from Colorado were in town for the weekend.  This was the first time the whole family was under one roof in a LONG time!

I had an amazing time bonding with my brother and sister, eating and more eating.  I wouldn't call the food I ate paleo, but I would say it was tasty!  I did a little (actually A LOT) of off-roading this weekend!

Bryan & I on the way to the River Cat's game

Jack's Urban Eats! One of my favorite places in Sacramento.  Great tri-tip sandwiches and I don't know why it took me reading Baked Bree to find these Urban Fries!!! Sweet potato fries with Creamy Ranch, Blue Cheese, Chili Oil

Lauren & I at the River Cat's Game

My Mom's house from high school! Oh the memories! 

Making homemade pork sausage with Bryan!  He was a pro!

California State Fair

FFA Animal Show - I wanted to take one of these well raised animals home, but where would I store it in my 1 bedroom loft? 

The one thing you can't leave the fair without! Fresh Baked Cinnamon rolls! 

Yes, I did leave with a stomachache, my gut wasn't ready for this trip.  It is a tough fight between my taste buds and my gut.  My taste buds usually will win on vacation and my gut wins the rest of the time!  

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