Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seattle Photo Blog!

So here is a picture blog of our trip to Seattle!

Black Bottle

This was our first food & drinks in Seattle, just across from our hotel and it was absolutely delicious and much needed after our flight!  Finally we were on VACATION! 

Night Out


Wandering the streets we stumbled upon this place.  I have no idea what brought Andrew in, I mean usually clowns and fairs are creepy, and wouldn't you also think the people who go to a bar like this are too... Well it was completely the opposite and we had the BEST TIME!!! We even went back the next night to play more pinball! Beer & games, you really can't beat that, well yea you can when you beat your boyfriend over and over in pinball!

Good Morning Seattle, you are foggy! 

Very close to our hotel as well, we ate at Macrinas, bummed that they weren't serving brunch on Friday we still ate some amazing food.  This is a pepperoni and mushroom quiche was light, fluffy, creamy... really good! Then as a little sweet treat we ended the meal with an upside down nectarine cake, that was fabulous. They did run into a few issues of running out of food, but that was our fault for starting our day around 11am.  

Pikes Place

Fish, Fruit, and Flowers! 

Mistral Kitchen Happy Hour! 

Meet our mixologist, Nick!  He crushed ice with a hammer, stirred whisky, twirled orange peals, carved ice blocks into diamonds, smoked hickory, and recommended some great happy hour appetizers! 

Drink stop on the way to Spur

(2nd Dinner of the Night)

I was too full to sit comfortably at this point but not too full to enjoy the food.  We had the tomato and basil salad with mozzarella ice cream, tagliatelle with a duck egg, wagyu sirloin, and the most amazing grass fed beef burger!!! It was all so good, we couldn't help but eat it!

So I really messed up on dessert, it was good, but the ice cream was tarragon ice cream and I hate tarragon... I was delusional at this time.  TOO MUCH FOOD, my bad we only had one "dinner time" in the city! 

Macrina Bakery & Cafe Brunch!

I had to try the brunch and Andrew was still sleeping so I headed back to Macrina's before the ran out of everything and sat down and enjoyed brunch and people watching (one of my top 5 things to do).  So after having an amazing nectarine upside down cake, I figured the nectarine waffle was going to be great too... well until they served it with unripe fruit! It was really bad, but I kindly asked for some berries and they quickly brought them to me and I was happy and enjoying my breakfast once again.    

Marination Station

This was a hot little spot close to the university!  I wish we had more time to check out this area, but I am glad we made a stop here!  This place was an asian taco fusion place... We did a sample of everything: Tacos, Sliders, and Quesadilla! 

Heading to Whidbey Island 

Don't worry, we had our fish and chips while waiting to cross the ferry to Whidbey Island! 

Downtown Langley, Whidbey Island

Met my mom for some wine tasting and stopped by a cupcake shop that had this bacon treat! 

View from our House

Homemade food for the party!

Garlic Shrimp appetizer, curry salmon with rice and cabbage, chocolate cherry cake with homemade coconut gelato! It was nice to have a home cooked meal, look how happy Andrew is!  

Deception Peak, beautiful!

Whidbey Sunsets

Mukilteo Coffee Co

Andrew always orders the right thing, his french toast were delicious! I don't have a picture but their baked treats were really good too... it was a nice snack while waiting in the ferry line back to the mainland.  My breakfast sandwich was good, but bready... yea that is coming from the person who doesn't usually eat bread! But I think I made a bad order, this sandwich wasn't anything to talk about.

On the way to the airport we went to Bellevue and checked out the town, pretty much business offices and malls, I was not complaining.  We came across MOD on yelp, it was close, cheap, and great reviews.  Walking in we discover it was Chipotle style dining for pizza, umm yes please!  And I loved the thin crust pizza.  Can we please have one in Santa Barbara? 

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