Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grillin' Week #3: Cornish Game Hen (My Week)

Ok, you must be thinking, what happened to Grillin' Week #2, well that was the same night as the Picnic at the Mission which was scheduled before we found out the couples for our weekly dinner could only host dinner the same night.  Sorry, but the picnic won!

So Week #3 was at our house, and the Henwood/Pilato/Kelly Household selected a nice little hen as the mystery meat for the night, cornish game hen.

I have cooked this once before, but couldn't remember a thing about what we did or how it turned out, good thing is at least it isn't a bad memory! The first thing that came to mind when given this challenge was beer can chicken! We made this one night in our BBQ Cooking class and it was super juicy and delicious.  I went through all my saved recipes, but couldn't find it anywhere.  So I find an email from our BBQ teacher and hoped he gets back to me within a few hours.  Well to the rescue Mr. Feeney (No, not the same one from Saved by the Bell) was able send me a copy of his recipe!

It was pretty simple, season the chicken (cornish game hen for tonight), pour half the beer out or drink it, place the chicken on the beer so the beer is tightly in the chicken's cavity and nicely holding it up.  Then place on the BBQ until the meat is at 180 degrees.

I served the beer can cornish game hen with a side of Pancetta & Sweet Potato Hash and Lemon Parmesan Roasted Broccoli.  These are two of my favorite quick and easy sides to make that went perfectly with the hen.  I have to say I was pretty impressed with results!

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