Monday, August 6, 2012

Viva La Santa Barbara!

Viva La FIESTA!!! 

Fiesta is a HUGE celebration in Santa Barbara the first weekend of August.  Everyone is out to celebrate Old Spanish Days! 

I started my fiesta Thursday granting Damian's wish at the PBR Show

Learn more about the Tri-Counties Make-A-Wish Chapter.

Friday I tried to stay out of the chaos, but Saturday to reward some studying I headed out De La Guerra Plaza for some great food and treats!

Chicken Tamales, Tri-Tip Tortas, Chicken Taquitos, and a little sweet treat funnel cake! (Didn't know that was spanish, but who cares.)

Confetti Galore! Gallon bag of confetti for $6, watch out visitors! Sorry, I'm not sorry, it was SO FREAKING FUN! 

Andrew, Bailey, and Phil... Covered in confetti and loaded up with another tray of confetti eggs! 

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