Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paso Robles Wine Time!

A few weekends ago my girlfriends and I traveled up to Paso Robles for some great wine tasting and fun!   Here is our adventure...

Started the day off right with some delicious mimosas at the Koke Lake House! 

Next stop: Summerwood Winery, with some great reds and photo ops!

Next stop: Castoro Cellers, known for DAM FINE WINE had cheap tastings and a great store filled with oils, vinegars, pasta, and gourmet treats!

Lunch: Farmstand 46 & Cypher Winery for some delicious eats and a bottle of wine! 
I highly recommend their pasta salad with sun dried tomatoes and turkey sandwich and while you wait for your food check out their olive oil and vinegar tastings.  

Next stop: Aronhill Vineyards Tasting Room, spectacular views to enjoy wine by the glass.   


Next Stop: Grassy Null, who wouldn't want to stomp on yo hay and take a few pictures.  I must say we were probably really feeling the wine, but I couldn't be happier that we made this stop!  

Next Stop: Turley Wine Cellers.  Great wine, but we were too much fun for them and moved the party to the parking lot! 


Next Stop: Rotta Winery This is what we thought of the wine and the cheese!

Next Stop: Downtown Brewing Co, for some beer and kamikazes... umm not the best decision... 

Finally Dinner: Sushi! Yanagi Sushi & Grill, was the perfect place to end our day.  Saki bombs and sushi were just what we needed... NOT, but we had a blast!

Yes, that is Deb and Ed, our chaperones.  BEST CHAPERONES EVER!!!!

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