Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friendsgiving Potluck! (My First Turkey!)

 Well Holiday Season has begun! 

What better way to start it out other than a Friendsgiving! I mean, I am really thankful for my friends and all and it is another excuse to make a huge feast and celebrate.   

Friendsgiving 2012

Last year I was only daring enough to buy the Costco Turkey Breast with Veggies already chopped and ready to put in the oven, but this year dark meat was in high demand.  So with a little convincing and encouragement from Andrew, we went for the whole 15lb turkey! 

After defrosting and drying, I caressed the breast and gave a very sensual butter rub down.  I must say I have never been that intimate with a dead animal, but it was all for a crisp and juicy bird!  Next, I stuffed it with chopped veggies, orange slices, herbs, and garlic.  Then poured vegetable broth and a splash of orange juice around the turkey to roast.  Covered it and cooked it for 3 1/2 hours at 325.  Every 30 min I pulled it out and gave it a nice broth bath.  This turkey sure received the royal treatment.  

After it 3 1/2 hours I removed the foil cover, rubbed it down with the other half of the butter and put it back in the oven uncovered until the built in thermometer popped.  

 While the turkey cooked we ate my festive winter squash dip (inspired by Martha Stewart's Recipe here) and sipped Manhattans and wine. 

Note: I did not add the sour cream or pepitas, and I added 4 additional chipotle peppers.  I thought it tasted great, but needed some additional texture.  

The spread was quite a feast!  I was thankful everyone brought a dish! I don't know how people create a Thanksgiving dinner with one oven and one day! 
Andrew & Jack's Giblet/Neck Gravy!

Pillsbury's Crescent Rolls

Jessica & Scott's Apple Rosemary Stuffing

David's Scalloped Potatoes (Don't mind the color, they were delicious)

Cranberry, Cranberry, and Gravy

Jack's Corn and Bacon Salad

My Yukon Gold Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

Scott our turkey carver and Andrew and I!

The Grand Finale: My beautiful TURKEY! 

Our Friendsgiving Potluck Feast & cheers to a successful first turkey. 

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