Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Mayo!!!

Soooo I just received my new Vitamix blender on Friday, and it has change my life!  And if you are willing to make the investment I strongly encourage you to do it NOW!   I have used it already everyday.

Friday: Cauliflower rice
Saturday: Banana Coconut Green Smoothie (this recipe was just taken to the next notch with the Vitamix, it is so silky smooth, I LOVE IT)
Sunday: Homemade Mayo!

I used this recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl blog.  And I have to admit I had to do it twice.  Flowing the recipe, I noticed that it never stated the power or the speed needed to emulsion properly.  So I went all out, increased the speed to High, and started the drizzle process... The mixture started to steam and was not combining like a mayo should.  I had to ditch that batch.  The second time, I took it down a notch, well 9 notches.

When I combined the egg, oil, and mustard mixture I ran the Vitamix at Variable 2, then started to drizzle the rest of the oil at 2 and once it started to thicken I increased it to Variable 3 to finish it off.  It came out perfect and delicious.

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