Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ready for Some FOOTBALL!

And to try some Pinterest recipes! I have been pining for the last few months saving recipes to make for  guests, but we have been so busy we haven't had anyone over for a few weeks.  Well the time has come that I get to try 2 pinned recipes.

First for an appetizer dip while watching the game I made The Food Gospel According to Ruth's, Caprese Dip!  I used Ruth's recipe for the most part but added ricotta to add more volume and a lighter consistency.  I think it worked while it was hot, but I hated the textured when it cooled.  I need to find something to keep my dips warm, I was thinking a crock pot, but that isn't cute on the coffee table!

I drizzled some of our amazing balsamic vinegar on top from the wine fest! 

This year I have had a serious thing for peaches, and reasonably so because they are sooooo good!  You can see on my Yummy board many peach recipes.  The one I pinned from Bakerella's blog is a Peach Cake Crumble.  In true Sarah fashion, I have to add my own adjustments.  Instead of canned peaches, I used fresh peaches sautéed in a stick of butter and sprinkled brown sugar and let them soften and get really juicy!

Finally I got to use my new plates!!! They are so small, but I love them! 

By the way, who won the game?  

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