Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Taste of Sin

For most, Vegas is a place filled with sex, gambling, drugs, and crime, but my biggest sin in sin city is the FOOD! Each year when Andrew and I make a trip to Vegas, we stake out the new and exciting restaurants and indulge in this guilty pleasure.  This year we decided we would aim for $$ rather than $$$ and $$$$, it was still just as fun and delicious.   

Pumpkin Spice Latte to start out the trip, it was my first of the year!

Our first dinner in Vegas was at FIRST Food & Bar, how fitting! We started with Doritos Mac & Cheese... which Andrew called disgusting! And then he took his first bite... I think this may have been the best thing we ate this trip! For Dinner I had the Panko crusted Cod with a Red Curry sauce, it was delicious, but I had to ask for more sauce!!!  Andrew had the Skirt Steak with the chorizo hash and sunny side up eggs, this was awesome! As you can see he ate it all, but was feeling quite stuffed.  

Our first show of the trip was Mystere, Cirque du Soleil.  This was awesome! I think there isn't a bad seat in the house, and the performers were amazing.  My favorite was an act by two of the men, it was crazy what they did, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. And of course, I had to have carmel corn! 

I was looking forward to these NACHOS for a month before we went to Vegas!!! Andrew didn't believe me that they were enough to feed both of us, so he insisted we order a burger and wings too! 

 So I realized that I could spend 20 bucks at the gross Mexican restaurant or spend 20 bucks at a cool place like Mesa Grill by my boy Bobby Flay for lunch in Vegas!  Andrew was still at his training so I walked over to Caesars Palace and had lunch by myself at one of my favorite places! This was a spicy chicken sweet potato hash with poached egg, and his AMAZING sauces!  

I love this picture of Andrew with Elmo and Bert! 

We wanted steak for dinner this night, so we found a steakhouse that had really good reviews that wasn't too pricy, Brand Steakhouse.  We mapped it out on Yelp and navigated our way to where the pin was and we arrived in the casino at the Bellagio, but Brand was nowhere to be found.  Plan B, we reviewed all the menus in the casino, and decided to eat at Circo.  This circus themed restaurant served 5 star italian food with a view of the fountain show.  

We decided to order a tasting menu to share and a margarita pizza.  

Play the video to see our beautiful dessert! 

I loved this couch! 

After dinner we went to Absinthe, a new show in Vegas! It was hilarious, provocative, and quite impressive.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a show in vegas! 

As most chocolate lovers would do, I have been dreaming about Max Brenner since I initially researched Vegas on a Budget.  There was chocolate everywhere and I was excited.  Well I think I built it up a little too much... I was pretty disappointed.  The drink was a little curdled, the waffle was disgusting, the toppings were ok, but for being a CHOCOLATE place, the chocolate was very disappointing! I think the best thing was Andrew's burger (Not pictured)! 

Wondering the Strip we saw street performer Turf from America's Got Talent, but he wasn't performing. :( 

Our last dinner in Vegas we went to the Buffet of Buffets.  Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan.  This buffet had everything!  We arrived a little late, so we had to grab everything before they closed the kitchen! We had to move to a 4 person table to accommodate all of our plates.  My favorites: 

Braised Short ribs on Polenta
Crab Legs
Butternut Squash Duck Ravioli
Shrimp & Grits
Cookies & Cream Gelato

Wish I could have tried the Make-Your-Own Mac-n-Cheese... but it was CLOSED! 

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