Monday, June 10, 2013

Remember when I turned 26, and I wasn't GLUTEN FREE!!!

For those who know me know I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!!! And I have the best family and friends to spoil me on my special day, or week!

Twenty Six for some reason feels like a big milestone... Maybe because I am no longer in the 18-25 age group and I now am with the group going up to 34! 34 sounds so far away! Anyways... I always love a reason to celebrate and even more fun celebrating me.

So what did we do? We went to the farmers market with the chefs of Wine Cask, Sous Chef Nik and his helper, on their usual Tuesday produce pickup and they showed us the best vendors and share a few secrets and picked out a few of my favorite items for them to cook for us later that night.  Very prepared before we started I thought of all my favorite foods ready for when they asked.  Well they actually had a the 3 courses already planned, but they said they would do something special because it was my birthday.  So I told them I really like Spinach, Bacon, Butternut Squash, and Scallops.  We picked up a butternut squash and fresh spinach with the roots or stems still on them which gave them extra flavor (and I am guessing nutrition too?).  

After walking with the chefs we picked up some good treats and flowers.  Now I know why we don't shop there weekly, we buy everything!

A few hours later, we went to the wine cask to have our meal at the Chef's Counter.  Here are the dishes, including my special birthday dish: a scallop on top of sweet potato and pancetta hash with a spinach sauce. 

Danielle planned a celebration for me and my almost twin Eli at Bridlewood Estate Winery. She is so fancy with her cheese plates. 

Andrew made brownies and they were freaking delicious.  Thanks Ina for your... 

 Helper Scott! 

Cheers to 26, it has treated me well so far... and I am almost 26 1/2 now that I am writing this!

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