Friday, January 25, 2013

Whoa... I am back!

Ok... you can all understand I really did need that relaxing, productive, weekend to myself because it has been crazy!!!

Well I am back and have so much to share!

Let's think about what has happened the last month an a half? Umm The Cookie Party, then a Christmas Party, and another Christmas party, and then another, and then Christmas, New Years, my New Year resolution, MY BIRTHDAY, my birthday party, and then tax season has already started!

But I am going to start out small and share what we had for dinner last night!

On my birthday Andrew and I had a great adventure to the farmers market, with the chefs, which I will share more in a later post, but we discovered Mama's Preserves Jalapeno Jelly's.  It was one of those tasting samples that you try on little taste and you have to have more.  Yep, we bought a whole jar of it and I was determined to integrate it into one of our dinners.

Andrew instructed me this was going to be a simple dinner all we needed was steak, cream cheese and of course the jelly.

And it really was easy: 
1. Salt and pepper the small filets

2. Then in a cast iron pan heat up olive oil
3. Cook the for 4 minutes on each side, before you flip spoon some jelly on the top of the steak at 2 minutes spread cream cheese on top and then top with the jelly. It will melt very nicely. 

 4. And you can't forget the pancetta and brussel sprouts. 

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