Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taco Bell: Cantina vs. Original

I don't know about you, but I have one weakness... And that is Taco Bell!  I have been really good to try to avoid it and the joint right up the street closing has really helped me, but when you are on a long drive, that is the one stop that I am willing to take.

Taco Bell recently introduced an upscale type of food on their menu, Cantina Bell menu by chef Lorena Garcia.  This has been influence by restaurants like Chipotle and Baja Fresh.  The questions I asked myself are the Cantina Bell items tastier and really the better (healthier) decision?

So yes, they do have a burrito bowl, but when I am at Taco Bell I don't want a burrito bowl, I want a burrito.  So lets compare:

Cantina Menu: 
Chicken Cantina Burrito
Side of Guacamole & Chips

My Normal Order: 
Chicken Burrito
Bean & Cheese
Nachos (Chips & Cheese)

Yes, the Cantina burrito has tomatoes, corn, and black beans, which is "fresh" and good, but unfortunately didn't give me that Taco Bell satisfaction... I come to Taco Bell for the real stuff, their beans and cheese, nacho cheese! 

Both meals are almost the same when you compare the nutritional facts.  Where one is a little higher in one thing, it is a little lower than the other in another and without having a degree in nutrition it isn't obvious to me one is so much better than the other.  I say, go to Taco Bell for the Taco Bell foods you love.  Sorry Cantina Menu, I will not be coming back.  

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